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KS1 Dragonflies and Ladybirds

Welcome to the Dragonflies and Ladybirds Class. We are a fun, enthusiastic and very friendly group of children. Our Dragonflies and LadybirdsTeam include Mrs Bundy, Mrs Jesson and Miss Jelley. We love to learn new things and to challenge ourselves everyday. We enjoy sharing our ideas with our friends and celebrating all our achievements together.

 Our vision is ‘to be the best that we can be’, to dream big and aim high and that we are best working in unity. 





Curriculum Newsletter Summer - Our Natural World

Ladybirds - Number Bond Ping Pong

A fun game you can play with you child anywhere!

This games will help your child recall all the different ways to make a Number Bonds up to 10. 


Adult 1 - Say to your child 'We are going to play Number Bond to 6 Ping Pong'. You say a number eg 3.

Child 1 - They will need to say the number to make the number bond to 6 which is 3 because 3+3=6.

Continue with a different starting number which is 6 or below. 

Adult 1 says 4  - Child 1 says 2

Adult 1 says 6 - Child 1 says 0

Like a game of ping pong. 


Your child should be able to recall the number bond quickly and confidently. 


Repeat the game with a different number bond - 'We are going to play Number Bond to 8 Ping Pong'.

Adult says 5  - Child says 3

Adult says 7 - Child says 1   

Continue with a different starting number which is 8 or below. 


If you are unsure how to play the game, please ask Mrs Franklin on Thursday or Fridays. 


Thank you for your support. 


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