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Welcome Back Busy Bees!


We are very excited to be welcoming some of you back into the school, and for those of you not returning please keep posting on our facebook page so we can keep up to date with all the wonderful things you are doing!


Each week we will upload our planning so if you are in school or at home you know the sorts of things we might be getting up to. Just as at home we may not do everything in school that is suggested and we might decide to do something a little different if the children choose to. We hope, though that it gives you a flavour of our learning and supports you to continue your learning at home too!


Best Wishes

Busy Bees Staff.

Dear Busy Bees Parents and Children,


Below are a number of activities and resources to support your learning should you be off school for a prolonged period of time. Please note that we have uploaded these slightly earlier than anticipated so please do check back for updates and ammendments.


If you would like any feedback or clarification please email the school office and we will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible.


Keep Healthy .... and Keep Learning!


Mrs Collier

A Day in the Life of a Busy Bee

Activities for the Active!

Dear Zoo - Activities

Phonics sounds - Set 1 and 2 Phonics sounds with rhymes!

Red Words: Here are the tricky words we have been learning in class. We have learnt set 1 and some of set 2. How many can you read?

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